How do I ensure beautiful photos with my advertisement?

Of course, everyone wants to have the most attractive ad, and the photos play an important role in that. You can of course use our free Photography Service. You can also take care of your photos yourself. We give you a few tips on how to optimize your photos.

  1. First, make sure the space is neat and tidy. You don't want it to be a mess of course, this can make the customer less attractive. You may not want personal items on display, such as family photos. You better get it out of space.
  2. Try out different lenses or cameras. Not everyone has a high-quality camera. You have lenses for your phone, such as a lens that photographs the space wider. Photos in which the space can be seen in its entirety is clear to the customer and they often like it. Panorama is also an option to use.
  3. You prefer not to have watermarks or other logos on the photos. A screenshot of previously taken photos with different buttons on them may not be a good choice.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, you want the photo to be clear and not blurry. An HD photo is better with a low number of pixels.

Try looking at other listings to see what others have done. You might be able to get some inspiration from it.

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