How much should I charge for my listing?

Before or while posting your listing, you should consider what rate you are going to charge (per night) for your listing. It is understandable that you do not yet know exactly what the “right” price is to ask.

A good start can be to compare your listing with others. What other listing is close to your listing. Look at the size of the accommodation and what is provided with it. The more the listing has to offer, the higher the rate is likely to get. By comparing your listing with others, you can more easily estimate what you can charge for it. Try to keep it as cheap and reasonable as possible.

Consider possible costs associated with renting out your listing. Perhaps an important factor is the tourist tax. In the Netherlands (and often other countries) it is customary for tourists to pay tourist tax for an overnight stay. You can include this tourist tax in the rate that you ask for your listing.

Keep in mind that tenants want to get their money's worth. Try to keep the price and quality as close to each other as possible.

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