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Musjroom's idea started in 2017; when two young students missed the last train from Amsterdam several times to get home. What subsequently started at a friends party as a joke to set up their own company for quick overnight stays with trusted locals, Musjroom is now the place where thousands of travelers all over Europe book their next stay.


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Unforgettable travel starts here at Musjroom. Whether you are looking for a holiday home, B&B or overnight stay with a trusted local, you will find it all at Musjroom. Simply filter your wishes and find unique and affordable accommodations near you or far away.

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Musjroom helps to make hosting simple, pleasant and safe. We verify our guests with profiles and reviews, have a built-in chat system to keep hosts and guests in touch, and operate a trusted platform to easily manage payments.

The Story

How it all started

2017 is the year in which Musjroom's idea was born. The two co-founders had already missed the last train from Amsterdam to Den Helder several times and therefore came up with the idea of ​​building a platform where it is possible to book a really last-minute cheap overnight stay with a trusted local. An external party was engaged to build this platform.

The party that was used to build the platform turned out to have wrong intentions and acted entirely in its own interest instead of in the interest of Musjroom and its users. As a result, the prototype was canceled after 6 months and the collaboration ended.

The team didn't know what to give up, so they went back to the drawing board to build the platform themselves with their own hands. This resulted in a long process, in which the team worked day and night for 16 months to develop the product. In June 2019 the time had come: The first version of the Musjroom app was launched and was ready to be downloaded. That was celebrated with a small party.

With pride and enthusiasm we have welcomed our first host outside the Netherlands. A beautiful and promising step that tastes like more.

Musjroom started with the most difficult: Building a platform in the form of an app. Due to the increasing number of users and the demand for a possibility to access the platform via the web, the Musjroom web app was launched in March 2020. For the guests this means that they can easily search for accommodations via the browsers; hosts can now also access their ads via the web.



Meet the faces behind Musjroom. Together they create the corporate culture, continuously trying to come up with innovative ideas and implement new features to make the platform more advanced and user-friendly.

Khosrou Golzad
Khosrou Golzad


Rostam Golzad<
Rostam Golzad


Marc Broers
Marc Broers


Howan Sarkisian
Howan Sarkisian


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