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Whatever stay you want to share, with Musjroom you can easily and safely welcome guests. You have full control over your accommodation. Think of availability, prices, house rules and more.

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Sign up via the website or app and become easily a host. List your space and make it available to thousands of guests and travelers.


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You decide who can book your accommodation. Accept the request from travelers and welcome them home.


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To ensure the hospitality and continuity of the community, both the guest and host can leave a review.

The experiences of our hosts

The hosts at Musjroom are diverse. For example, one rents out his or her holiday home, chalet or entire house as income. The other only rents a room or couch to earn extra money. What everyone has in common: Hospitality. It will certainly not be the first time that people make friendships for life thanks to Musjroom.

Picture of Jan and his wife

“Great customer support and easy to integrate all of your existing listings”


Picture of Robert

“Nice platform with friendly customer service. They are willing to help you with almost anything.”


Picture of Marjon

“As a host, I like the fact that I don't have to pay any service costs.”


Picture of Laura

“Very nice, because you also get to know new people with various stories.”


Picture of Corrie

“The great thing about Musjroom is that I help people and generate some extra money myself.”


Picture of Kevin

“By renting out on Musjroom I can go out for dinner more often, which I love.”


Starting as a host

How can I become a host?

Becoming a host is very easy. Create a free account within a few minutes via the website or app, add a few photos, come up with a nice title and a description and start hosting via Musjroom.

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What are the requirements I have to meet if I want to become a host at Musjroom?

Do you have a holiday home, Bed and Breakfast, a house or other type of place to stay? Then you already meet the most important requirement. In addition, there is a minimum age of 18 years.

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How can I rent out my holiday home, Bed and Breakfast, own house or other type of space?

Create an account and follow the step-by-step plan to add a listing. Upload photos, come up with a nice text, set your price and start earning money. Get started.

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Who can become a host at Musjroom?

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a host. Whether you want to rent out a holiday home, Bed and Breakfast, own house or another type of stay, at Musjroom you can immediately start earning! Both individuals and companies can register.

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What type of stay can I rent out?

Through Musjroom you can rent out all kinds of different types of stays. Think of a holiday home, Bed and Breakfast, sofa bed, private room, chalet, mobile home, apartments, villas and more. It is important that it is a (safe) place to stay.

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Why should I become a host at Musjroom?

If you want to rent out, you can place your stay on Musjroom for free within a few minutes. And the best thing is, you don't pay any service costs, you can synchronise the calendar with other platforms and you have control over whether or not you accept a request. Get started.

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What do I have to do to find guests?

Add a stay and make sure it is up to date. Because there are many guests at Musjroom every day looking for a place to stay, you can expect a booking soon. You can also share the link to your stay on social media.

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Can I also rent out my accommodation via other platforms in addition to Musjroom?

Yes, that’s allowed. In that case, simply synchronise the calendars to avoid multiple bookings for the same date.

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Can I also manage multiple stays at the same time with one Musjroom account?

You can list as many stays as you want. It's free and easy to do. Per stay you can see exactly the availability of the listing and when you can expect your guests.

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How much can I earn as host with Musjroom?

How much you can earn depends on various factors. The type of stay obviously plays a major role, but so does the location. You determine the rate yourself and receive as many guests as you want.

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Do I have to pay a service fee as host?

Hosts do not pay any service fee on their earnings at Musjroom. You can advertise all your rooms for free. In order to keep our service running and to cover the costs we charge a small percentage of service fee to our guests.

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How do I make sure I receive good reviews?

Searching for a place to stay has been made as easy as possible. When you open the app you will immediately see all kinds of available stays to inspire you. If you have certain preferences, you can use the filter option.

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How does Musjroom ensure that I receive booking requests as a host?

Thanks to professional marketing methods, the continuous growth in new guests, and proactive booking specialists, Musjroom ensures that you become extra successful as a host.

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A good photo says thousands of words

Free Photography

Make an impression on your guests with high-quality professional photo’s of your listing. Become a host and request free photography for your accommodation. We are happy to visit you.

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