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Tips for renting

Check out our tips to help you get the best out of your accommodation.

Prepare for hosting

Your listing is what guests see and what can convince them to book your accommodation. Here you will find tips to prepare your listing as well as possible.

Tips from our trusted hosts

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"Always try to do something extra than is expected. This way you will definitely leave a good impression!"



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Make your accommodation stand out with strong photos. Do you have trouble taking beautiful photos? Have your room photographed for free by a professional photographer. That is the unique service of Musjroom! Read more
Provide a clean, neat space where your guests feel at home. Always change the duvets, pillowcases and towels after each guest so that the next guest comes into a fresh room. Read more
Always keep a close eye on your availability. Are you going away for a few days and does this affect the availability of your accommodation? Change your availability for those dates! Read more
Be ready when your guests arrive. Prepare well and ask what you can do for them before they arrive at your accommodation. This way you are always well prepared. Also tell how, when and at what times you can be reached during their stay. Read more
Provide a suitable, unique title that immediately attracts guests. Do you offer lunch? Do you live close to the beach? Make it catchy so that you stand out among all other accommodations. Read more
Stay in touch with your guests via the built-in chat in the Musjroom app. Make sure you are always available to give your guests a great experience. Read more
Provide a comprehensive, good description of your accommodation. Describe what you are offering, what to do in the area, and if there are additional things guests should consider. Read more
You determine the check-in and check-out times. Indicate clearly in the description of your room what those times are and communicate them with your guest (s). Read more

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