How do I make my listing competitive?

Of course everyone wants to have a good and attractive listing. It's understandable if you don't know how to make your ad a better competitor. Below are a few tips on how to make your ad just a little more competitive.

  1. Make sure your ad photos are clear and of good quality. You can of course take care of those beautiful photos yourself, but you can also use our Photography Service. Check Musjroom's Free Photography for that. If you do choose to take the photos yourself, try out some different lenses and angles from which you shoot. It is nice when the space is photographed open and wide, so that there is a lot on the image and more space is created.
  2. Everyone likes to click on a name that sounds appealing. Short but powerful titles often attract attention.
  3. A good and complete description is often also important. After reading your ad, the customers do not want to be left with further questions. So make sure everything fits in the description. You can elaborate this further in the Characteristics box.
  4. Do not make the text too difficult for the reader. The easier to read, the better it is for the customer.

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