Free photography
Free tips to get started yourself

4 tips to get started: take the most beautiful photos of your accommodation yourself. Would you rather get started to take pictures of your space? We have listed a number of tips for you: 1: Use a good camera. A good camera will help you take pictures that are clear and sharp enough to use. Do you have a good camera on your phone? Then that is of course also fine. If not, check with yourself if you can borrow someone's mobile or camera for a day. 2: Use available light. Dark photos don't look all that inviting. The most beautiful photos are taken late in the morning, in the afternoon or at the beginning of the evening. 3: Your room at its best. Clean the room and do a cleaning. Also pay attention to the details: are the blankets neat? Is the mirror clean? If necessary, have your photos checked by a friend. A bunch of flowers or a nice set of candles can help give the room a bit of atmosphere. 4: Show the view. Open your curtains and let the sun rays in.

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