What are the Musjroom fees?

To help Musjroom run smoothly, to cover the costs of our support and product, and to improve Musjroom further, we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. There rates are on average 2-3 lower than other websites would ask. Guests pay a service fee between 10,9% and 13,9% of the booking subtotal. 10,9% for a subtotal of €550 or more. 12,5% for a subtotal between €250 and €549. 13,9% for a subtotal between €0 and €249. This nightly rate is excluding Musjroom fees and taxes. The fee varies based on the total amount of the booking price and is displayed to guests before they book a reservation and later on their invoice. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved with the booking, VAT* may be charged on top of the guest service fee. When applicable, the guest service fee will include these VAT charges.

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