The best apps for last minute travel

The best apps for last minute travel

Spontaneous travel can be exciting, save time and money, and no doubt it can be adventurous. Whether you want to leave last minute or because you have to for all kinds of reasons, the apps that are listed below make it particularly easy to realize your last minute trip.


Musjroom is the best last minute provider for unieque and affordable stays. The stays are with locals, which is ideal if you also want to meet new people and sniff culture. With the mobile app or web app, you can already book a last minute overnight stay for a few bucks within a few steps. Musjroom is mainly about the experience surrounding your trip and not so much about the room itself. Ideal when you want to take a city trip where you prefer to spend your money in the city rather on the the bed in which you sleep.


If you are looking for a last minute hotel because you want quality, on HotelTonight you don't have to worry about quality. The app makes a weekly selection of hotels for great prices. The disadvantage of HotelTonight is that the choice is considerably limited compared to other hotel apps. Incidentally, the offers only apply if you want to check in on the same day. So it is intended for real same-day bookings at short notice.


Skyscanner is perfect for people who don't want to be stuck with a fixed schedule for their trip. What makes this app fun is the ability to find airline tickets that don't require you to stick to a specific date or destination. In addition, it is possible to let the app choose a location and date itself, taking into account to find airline tickets for the lowest price. Who knows, you might be enjoying the beach in Spain for a few bucks. A disadvantage is that you will be redirected to the page of the provider to book the tickets.


You also have Hopper to score cheap airline tickets. This app has a different method for that than Skyscanner. Rather than looking for airline tickets at the lowest prices, Hopper advises their users on the best time to buy a destination airline ticket. The advice is based on the analysis of millions of ticket prices. In the app you can see per day what the expected prices of the airline tickets will be.

Now that you have these great apps in your pocket, you can undoubtedly travel carefree. Discover, live free, be spontaneous and adventurous and make as many memories as possible!